婚礼的英语翻译 婚礼用英语怎么说
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婚礼 wedding更多释义>> [网络短语] 婚礼 Wedding;wedding;marriage 婚礼歌手 The Wedding Singer;Weddding Singer 白色婚礼 White wedding;White Wedding;NOCE BLACHE
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attend a wedding
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lady and 乡亲们。。。 去看《爱情公寓》第一集
1个问答2019-01-17 15:06:13
婚礼花艺_大众点评翻译 婚礼花艺 [网络] WEDDING FlOWER; flower_大众点评翻译 flower 英[ˈflaʊə(r)] 美[ˈflaʊɚ] n. 花; 精华; 开花植物; vi. 开花; 繁荣; 成熟; vt. 使开花; 用花装饰; [例句]Each individual flower is tiny. 每一朵花都很小。 [其他] 第三人称单数:flowers 复数:flowers 现在分词:flowering过去式:flowered 过去分词:flowered
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甜蜜的婚礼英语翻译是:A sweet wedding,见下图大众点评翻译
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欠你一场婚礼 owe you a wedding ceremony
西式婚礼证婚词 英语
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Quan Zhou Wedding
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你好! 摩卡婚礼Mocha wedding
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婚礼策划 = Wedding Planning Bob (in US)
1个问答2018-12-16 04:11:35
a wedding ceremony.
3个问答2018-12-20 13:56:15
hold a wedding ceremony
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结婚的用品:Wedding Goods 例文: Liyuan Group was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984, the head office was named : LY Yuang Wedding Department Co., Ltd. Afterward , we have invested two factories - Liyuan (Suzhou) Wedding Goods Co.,Ltd. and Suzhou He Yuan Garments & Decoration Co., Ltd. separately in paradise - Suzhou City, China in 1995 and 2004. Started from early 2005, we have transfered our export sales operation from Taipei office to SuZhou headquarter for the purpose of easy management and resouces integration. During past 20 years, we have specialized in all kinds of wedding garments & essories, especially in recent years, we have spent a lot of time for developing new designs and products which included : gift, fashion garments and fortunately, we received very good feedback & reputation from customers world-wide such as : areas of America, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Australia and Japan. We always adhere to the concept of " Best Service , Continuous Improvement ". With well organized management and guaranted quality product, we always wee our customers to join and share with us for the splendid future.
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中国婚礼 英语 急!!!
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1个问答2019-01-03 00:35:00
世纪婚礼极致梦幻   耗资不菲?赚的比花的多   10月8日晚上,在占地超过9万平方米的上海展览馆,黄晓明送给Angelababy一场童话风格的梦幻婚礼。这场婚礼因豪华的布置和庞大的明星阵容,堪称史无前例。但整个婚礼现场,实则处处透着商业气息。   首先,婚礼喜糖是Angelababy所代言的某品牌巧克力,就在婚礼当天,该品牌还在网站上开展了一波疯抢同款的秒杀活动。其次,在9月底大婚前夕,Angelababy曾在网络上晒出一张钻戒图,被网友戏称为“鸽子蛋”的这枚钻戒曝光前一天,该珠宝品牌就已经在该网站上传了同款钻戒。引发Angelababy钻戒为品牌赞助的猜测。   此外,婚礼现场的鲜花布置让无数少女羡慕不已,但与普通人需要花钱才能获得这样梦幻的效果不同的是,这场婚礼的鲜花也同样是由品牌赞助的。   如果说“拿人不手软”是这场婚礼的一个宗旨,那么“肥水不流外人田”肯定就是这场婚礼的另一个宗旨。例如,承包了整个婚宴的某高档餐厅,其实背后老板之一就是黄晓明本人。同时,在这场据称斥资2亿元打造的“世纪婚礼”上,一款名为“秒拍”的视频直播软件大放异彩,不少人使用秒拍软件直播婚礼现场。殊不知,黄晓明本人就是这款软件的投资人。   如此一算,整个婚礼上除了几十万的场地费得教主自掏腰包之外,普通人办婚礼的大头——婚宴、婚庆都不会花掉黄晓明太多钱。相反,无数人的关注、直播,黄晓明自己的品牌倒是获得了一次免费的宣传,省下了一大笔广告费。   一进一出,再算上现场据说整整四个保险柜的礼金,黄晓明夫妇的这场世纪婚礼赚的可远比花的多。
1个问答2018-12-30 20:23:58
Weddings vary from nation to nation, from area to area and from the past to the present. Nevertheless,all people consider weddings as important and happy events. People of the Western World go to church for their weddings while some tribes in Africa hold their weddings in the open with a camp-fire and much dancing. In China, weddings are different from those abroad. In the past people in our countryside used to carry the bride with a sedan chair from her parents’ house to her new home. Now sedan chairs are seldom seen. In-stead,the bridegroom may take the bride to their own new house by bicycle or by tractor. In our cities the bride prefers a taxi decorated with flowers and a Chinese character that means"double-happiness" on the taxi’s win-dow. However, both in the countryside and in cities a wedding feast is in-dispensable. Relatives and friends are invited to the feast to eat and drink to the happiness of the bride and bridegroom.
4个问答2019-01-02 01:25:52
婚礼场所”“=venue for the wedding ceremony 婚礼服装= wedding gown or attire for the wedding
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