1个问答2019-01-15 11:17:56
Purple flowers of many people has been the dream of Provence landscape, and flowers of this is that by the hundreds of 10 000 small lavender flowers such as rice woven. Each year in July, lavender flowers bloom, set off the dark green of the olive trees, blue sky and bright and lively as the sunflower. That the U.S. is the kind of visual shock, as people praise, it's unique aroma is more enchanting than its color. In addition to use as a spice, Provence, people have also painted lavender jelly made of bread, made of ice cream, desserts and cookies, made you think to or have never imagined all kinds of small points. Sometimes a strong game in some sauce, the It will appear in your tongue. However, you most likely met in this case it is: under the shade in the summer or in winter in the fire, and after dinner meal typical of Provence, lavender in a cup of clear soup golden maic cup of tea. Cold or warm light slowly drink discretion, if you feel happy, you're right, because it is being said to the highest index of vanilla. ?? Peter Meyer in "eternal Provence" in desperation: "escape the city, enjoy the lazy, to be a time of thieves in Provence." You can like me, with sows to the oak tree in mining truffles; or driving a car, bought from the markete with olives, cherry, ham, Quwang overlooking the whole piece of purple to lavender in the valley. Finished in a delicious pic to enjoy after the blue sky, looking for an olive tree to shade a lengthy nap, purple lavender fragrance will be like a dream floating out from the same romance. At this point you will understand why Peter ?? Meier Ning can give up the high life in New York, To live in this secluded mountain to!
1个问答2019-01-14 08:40:03
蜜月 honeymoon [例句]他们在度蜜月。 They are on their honeymoon.
5个问答2019-01-01 06:07:35
honey moon
1个问答2019-01-15 00:48:39
travel in honeymoon -- a wedding trip
6个问答2019-01-20 03:07:14
shall we travel in honeymoon
1个问答2019-01-08 22:17:48
the suit of honeymood~
1个问答2019-01-19 12:16:52
I am very happy with my hu***nd to get married,and we will spend memorable honeymoon. A month of honeymoon. Let's go to European countries . My favorite is the Netherlands,it is picturesque.
蜜月旅行 要是英语不好怎么办?
5个问答2019-01-15 14:31:51
1个问答2019-01-07 18:50:26
Have a great honey moon~ (Honey moon就是蜜月= =)
理想的度蜜月之处 用英语怎么说
1个问答2019-01-02 17:44:18
理想的度蜜月之处 用英语 The ideal place for honeymoon.
4个问答2018-12-26 16:09:48
2个问答2018-12-31 03:49:44
They go to Bali for their honeymoon.
1个问答2018-12-21 00:15:10
去年夏天,烈日当空,像个大火炉,我独自坐在空调房间。突然听到鸡的惨叫声,我出于好奇,来到了大草坪上,只见一只鸡被主人杀掉了,可它垂死挣扎,两翅膀浅滩停地拍打着地面。过了几分钟,鸡不动了,倒在血泊中。嘴巴微微张开,眼睛紧闭着,两只脚直直地伸着,一副不甘心的样子。 这时,我们家的一只小鸡黄毛不知从哪儿钻出来,嘴里还叼着一只毛毛虫,它这是要干什么?就在这时,感人的一幕出现了,黄毛用嘴啄了啄那只鸡,一脸悲伤,简直不敢相信这是真的。黄毛望着昔日的玩伴,仿佛在说:“醒醒,我的朋友,主人准备了很多好吃的,等着我们去分享呢!” 随后,黄毛把虫子叼到鸡身旁给它吃。可黄毛看见鸡依然不动,它不甘心,“哦!”的发出一声呼唤:“快起来呀!你不能丢下我一个人,你于心何忍啊!”黄毛不停地拍它、啄它都无济于事。当它怀着最后一丝希望时,主人拎走了那只鸡,黄毛不停地在后面跟着,有几次,都被石头?了几跤,还跟着。最后黄毛发出了一声低婉而凄凉的叫声。我的眼泪止不住流了下来。 哦,我明白了动物与动物之间也是有感情的,人也一样。以后,我一定要和同学们和睦相处。
理想的度蜜月之处 用英语怎么说
14个问答2019-01-18 14:19:41
Ideal honeymoon place! 望采纳
1个问答2019-01-08 20:04:41
你好, Michele [词典] [人名] 米歇尔; [例句]I'm not an angel. I'm michele. 蜜月 英文:honeymoon 望采纳。
1个问答2019-01-07 16:58:01
请记住和婚礼有关的词:engage 订婚;propose求婚;wedding ceremony 婚礼;bride 新娘;bridegroom 新郎;wedding ring 结婚戒指;sessful marriage 美满婚姻;ideal marriage 理想婚姻。 A:My elder sister is getting married next month. 下个月我姐姐要结婚了。 B:Are they going to get married in a church? 他们要在教堂结婚吗? A:No,the wedding ceremony will be in the The Palace Hotel. 不,婚礼在王府酒店举行。 度蜜月的说法是固定搭配,spend our honeymoon,重点是介词要用spend,度蜜月除了准备行李,最主要就是要准备一个健康的身体和一份愉快的心情! A:I'm going to get married. 我准备结婚了。 B:I'm glad to hear that. 听到这件事我很高兴。 A:We will spend our honeymoon abroad. 我们要去国外度蜜月。 B:I hope you will be happy. 我希望你们幸福。 希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!!
1个问答2018-12-02 16:28:55
ready to honeymoon trip
1个问答2018-12-31 17:15:18
Richard Sanderson的Reality
1个问答2019-01-11 05:48:37
需要学会个别简单的单词,例如:护照、 我想去.... 多少钱, 1--1000的英文念法即可。 必须学会用手机上的地图,最好是iphone手机的,用起来比较方便
1个问答2018-12-31 11:30:44
hu***nd: where would you like to spend our honeymoon, darling? 老婆,咱们去哪儿度蜜月呢? wife: hainan. 我想去海南。 hu***nd: me too. there are beautiful beaches and lots of sunlight there. 我也想去呢。美丽的海滩,充足的阳光。 wife: and we can eat seafood and coconuts as much as we want. 还能吃海鲜和椰子,我们想吃多少就吃多少。 hu***nd: ha ha, all you can think about is food. 哈哈,你就知道吃。



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