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A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it. 寄上一份礼物,希望你们会喜欢。 I wish I were home for the holidays. 但愿我能回家共度佳节。 Thinking of you at New Year's time. 佳节,我想念你们。 Best wishes from Mark, J and the kids. 马克、珍妮特和孩子们,谨呈最诚挚的祝福。 Warmest thoughts and best wishes from your daughter. 寄上无限的思念和最美好的祝愿,你们的女儿。 Season's greetings from Xiao Li and Ming Ming. 献上小丽和明明的节日问候。 A holiday wish from your son Tom. 寄上佳节的祝福,你们的儿子汤姆敬上。 May you have the best season ever. 愿你过个最愉快的节日。 A New year greeting to cheer you from your daughter. 愿女儿的祝福带给您欢乐。 Happy New year to the world's best parents! 祝世界上最好的父母节日快乐! Season's greetings to my dearest parents! 祝我最亲爱的父母节日愉快! 新年祝福语--给师长-上司 Much joy to you in the uing year. 愿您在新的一年充满快乐。 Thank you for all you have done for us. 感谢您为我们所做的一切。 We'll be here after the New Year. 新年过后,我们会再回来。 We won't forget you this holiday season. 假期里,我们不会忘记您的。 Thank you for your hard work and patience on this holiday season. 值此佳节,谨对您的辛勤栽培表示感谢。 Thank you for not as signing homework this holiday season. 感谢您没有留假期作业。 I look forward to your class after the new year. 我期待着新年过后,再上您的课。 Wishing you and your family a very happy new year. 祝福您及全家新年快乐。 A happy new year from all of your students. 祝您新年快乐,您的全体学生敬上。 New year is a time for gladness and rejoicing …because there is no class. 新年是喜庆的日子——因为不用上课。 May happiness follow you everywhere …just like we do. 愿快乐随时与您同在——如同我们与您寸步不离。 It's really a shame we can't be together at that moment. 我们不能在一起过春节真是太遗憾了。 Best wishes for you and your family. 祝福您及您的家人。 We offer New year blessings to you. 我们向您献上新年的祝福。 新年祝福语--给上司长辈 For you and your family, boss, during this holiday season! 值此佳节,老板,献给您及您的家人。 there's no place like home for the holidays. 在这佳节里,没有比家更好的地方了。 Best wishes for a wonderful new year. 献上最诚挚的祝福,祝您新年愉快。 May the joy of New year be with you throughout the year. 愿新年佳节的喜悦,伴随您在度过新的一年。 May joy and health be with you always. 祝您永远健康快乐。 May happiness follow you wherever you go! 愿您幸福快乐,直到永远永远。 A special card from your grandson. 您的孙子,寄上一张特别的卡片。 A new year wish from your nephew. 您的侄儿祝您新年快乐。 Wishing you and yours a happy happy new year. 万事如意,合家平安。 作者: nijie123nijie 2007-1-6 15:30 回复此发言 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 2007新春英文祝福语集锦 From all of us in sales: Happy New Year! 我们销售部全体人员祝您新年快乐! Your entire staff wishes you and yours a most happy new year. 全体职员祝您及家人新年快乐。 To Grandpa and Grandma happy new year! 献给爷爷奶奶:新年快乐! 新年祝福语--给朋友 Happy new year, my best friend. 祝我的挚友新年快乐。 A New Year greeting to cheer you, my good friend. 希望新年祝福给你带来欢乐,我的好朋友。 We will be having New Year Party at Wang Ping's this year. You are wee to join us! 今年我们要在王平家开新年晚会,欢迎你也来! Take your passion and make ite true. 发挥你的热情,让理想变为现实。 I hope we can spend the holidays together. 希望我们能一起过春节。 To Hong from your good friends at Peking U. 送给红——北大的一群好友。 Best of luck in the year toe. 愿你在未来的一年里,吉星高照。 Wish all the best wishes for you. 献上最美好的祝愿。 Wish many good wishes for the holidays and theing year. 新的一年,向你献上最诚挚的祝福。 Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful season. 愿你拥有美丽的新年所有的祝福。 May its blessings lead into a wonderful year for you and all whom you hold dear. 祝福你及你所爱的人新的一年中万事如意。 To wish you special joy at the holidays and all year. 祝你在节日和新的一年中享有无限的快乐。 新年祝福语--给你所爱的人 On this season I have but one thing to say: I love you. 值此佳节,我只有一句话要告诉你:我爱你 You're the best present I ever received. 你是我所收到的最好的礼物。 I only want you for New year! 我只要你作为我的新年礼物! I give all my love to you this New year. 值此佳节,献上我对你所有的爱。 Even though we are apart, you are in my heart this season. 千山万水,隔不断我在佳节对你的思念。 I want you stuffed in my stocking. 我只要你塞在我的袜子里。 I want to be in your arms this New Year. 我要在你的怀抱里度过今年的春节。 My heart is my New Year present to you. 我的心就是我奉献给你的新年礼物。 You are the one for me this New Year and for many New Years toe. 在此新年和未来的每个新年里,你都是我唯一的爱! I will be yours forever! 我永远属于你! Let's never spend our New Year apart. 让我们永不独享新年。 My arms are wide open for you this New Year. 我张开双臂,盼与你共度新春佳节。 Here's a tender New Year kiss from you know who. 你的心上人献给你一个温柔的新年之吻。 I'm only thinking of you this New Year. 在此佳节,唯有你在心中。 I hope all of our New Year are this bright! 愿所有的春诞节都如此欢快明亮! 新年祝福语--其它祝福语 A cheery New Year hold lots of happiness for you! 给你特别的祝福,愿新年带给你无边的幸福、如意。 May you have the best New Year ever. 愿你度过最美好的新年! Much joy to you in the uping year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetingse at New Year and stay with you all the year through. 让温馨的祝愿、幸福的思念和友好的祝福,在新年来到你身边,伴你左右。 A New Year greeting to cheer you from your daughters.



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